What are the benefits?

What's in it for me?

  1. Increased self awareness and self management,
  2. Identification and growth of both professional and personal goals,
  3. Synergy between personal values, interests, motivations and your career choices,
  4. Personalised career development plans,
  5. Realistic career goals tied to your motivations and skills
  6. A career path you believe in versus “just follow because your parents/market/friends tell you”

What can I expect?

The coaching sessions are aimed at leveraging and utilising your unique:

  • Experiences,
  • Interests,
  • Values,
  • Educational background and preferences,
  • Skills, and
  • Goals.

A tailored and unique Action Plan and Development Plan will be created for you, suited to your individual career needs and ambitions.

What other benefits do I gain from coaching?

Reduced anxiety,

Greater self-confidence,

Regaining a sense of control over your future,

Stress relief from creating tangible and realistic plans,

Increase ability to set personal and professional boundaries.