Who we are and what we believe in : The Founding Director



Masters in Commerce Industrial/Organisational Psychology. 

B.Com (Hons) Industrial Psychology, Human Resources. 

UCT Business School Foundations in Corporate Coaching. 

Paterson Job Evaluation, Remuneration and Rewards Foundations.   

Psychometric Assessment Profiling Accreditations and Tools 

Saville WAVE, Cognitive Process Profiling, PAPI I and II, Psytech Suite, OPQ, Belbin etc.    

Professional Associations:

HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) – Independent Practice Industrial Psychologist (PS 0128686). 

2012 Member of the Golden Key International Honours Society. 


Faculty of Commerce Award for Excellence: Top Masters Dissertation (Master of Commerce) for the Department of Industrial Psychology at UCT. 


Schlecter, A., Thompson, N., Bussin, M. (2015). Attractiveness of non-financial rewards for prospective knowledge workers: An experimental investigation. Journal of Employee Relations, Emerald, 37 (3), Pp.274-295.  

What we stand for and why

Nicky Thompson is a registered Professional Organisational Psychologist and has a Masters in Commerce from the University of Cape Town and resides in London, England. She has additional Executive Coaching certifications and experience across a range of fields, career stages and client facing professional job experience in corporate facing environments.  As a Career Coach and Organisational Psychologist, Nicky practices using a client centred approach and applies elements of positive psychology, systems thinking and transactional psychology as approaches to each client’s specific career needs. She believes that a once off career session is not enough to fully capitalise on each individual's strengths and therefore applies a coaching methodology which takes the client from reflection, to realisation, and ending with action orientated reaction.  The aim is to provide her clients with the necessary tools to more effectively manage and create their own career paths, while assisted with professional coaching along the way to capitalise fully on the learning and growth of each individual.   

Professional Experience

Nicky is an Organisational Psychologist, with broad experience gained across a range of sectors, with a focus on Organisational Development (OD) projects, Remuneration and Rewards, Change Management and Resilience Management, and Psychometric assessments, as well as Career Coaching and Career Assessments. Nicky has specific Change Management experience in OD with regards to Culture and Behaviours, which support and facilitate the change processes and impact within organisations. Nicky has developed skills and knowledge which underpin her professional approach in interacting, developing and leveraging individuals, teams, and organisations to be operationally and strategically effective. Nicky has experience working with senior executives and HR to collaboratively deliver services geared towards sustainable changes. 

Nicky’s unique responsibilities as a consulting psychologist are  to apply a psychological mind to the world of work, in which turnkey solutions  can be individually tailored to the distinctive needs of the client. As an Organisational Psychologist, Nicky is passionate about understanding and interacting with  people, applying a psychological mind to the workplace, and evaluating problems  in order to effectively deliver sustainable, innovative and realistic  solutions for her clients.